vMatrix Server Manger

Description: vMatrix Server Manager is the central component of the vCloudPoint system that runs on the shared or management servers. It contains the connection broker that delivers multiple desktop sessions to terminal users and a number of management tools for the administrator to manage the whole vCloudPoint system.

Instructions: Installation is to be done on the server host with a supported Microsoft Windows system mounted. You can learn supported Windows systems at the technical tab of the product page. Please make sure to disabled anti-virus software during installation.

Note: vMatrix doesn’t contain a component or application to allow multiple users to access the host simultaneously, to allow a simultaneous multi-user login, please install RDP Wrapper or Microsoft RDS CALs. To properly license vCloudPoint zero clients in a Microsoft environment, you are recommended to obtain Microsoft RDS CALs.

Simply follow these steps to get your vCloudPoint system ready:

  1. Disable anti-virus or firewall software;
  2. Run the vMatrix installation file;
  3. Download RDP Wrapper and run the install.bat file after unzip, or configure RD licensing on server manager if you have obtained RDS CALs;
  4. Create User Accounts with vMatrix Server Manager and you are ready to go.

  • Version 2.0.3

  • Dec-23rd-2015

Change Log:

Version 2.0.3 (Dec 23, 2015 -- New)

Added : Users can rename their devices on the lobby screen.

Fixed : Login to CAL enabled server is working properly now.

Fixed : A bug that caused memory leak at first time startup after updating software to version 2.0.2.

Version 2.0.2 (Nov 28, 2015 )

Added : Device Offline Activation Mechanism for users which do not use internet at all.

Fixed : Support Windows 10 x86 (32 bits) properly.

Version 2.0.1 (Oct 17, 2015 )

Added: Network connection inspection procedure in diagnostic tool.

Improved: RDS server licensing compatibility.

Fixed: A core bug that may cause blue screen error when operating an installation inspection.

Fixed: A bug that may cause client-side video silent after administrator turns off Broadcast Mode.

Version 2.0.0 (Sep 25, 2015 )

vMatrix 2.0 is a huge update from past 1.x versions. Several new features are introduced in this version.

Added: Client rendering on VLC player that video files played through VLC player can be rendered locally at the zero client to reduce host CPU consumption

Added: support for Windows 10 operating system.

Added: options for touch screen caribration at the keyboard settings on device interface.

Improved: A redesign of interface that’s supposed to be fresh user-optimised and make navigating the console faster and easier for administrators.

Improved: reframed transfer protocol for better stability and performance.

Version (Jun 25, 2015 )

Core : Fixed changing user configuration doesn’t take effect on certain occasions.

Version (Jun 11, 2015 )

Core : Fixed a login failure when using long user name on Windows Domain environment.
Core : Multimedia Accelerator will no longer reports error when using other RDP clients to log to the system.

Version (Jun 08, 2015)

Core : Fixed no sound while activating Broadcast Mode.
Core : Improved connectivity and stability on Windows Domain environment.

Version (May 19, 2015)

Manager : Fixed some bugs that cause application crash.
Manager : Fixed a crash on activating Broadcast Mode.

Version (May 12, 2015)
Terminal Lobby : Caps Lock will work in login screen now, Num Lock will be turned on by default.
Private Space : Fixed a bug that caused drive letters displayed incorrectly.
USB : Fixed missing device when transfering large files.
Manager : Fixed green screen on exiting Broadcast Mode.
Installation: Changed installation interface.
Version (Jan 08, 2015)
Fixed: issue that a sudden power failure to a terminal device with audio playing could lead to host crash.

Version (Dec 29, 2014)
Fixed: a certian bugs that may cause crashes in certain circumstances.

Version (Dec 18, 2014)
The options about graphics acceleration is updated, please refer to the user management page for details.
Fixed a bug on audio system that it can save and restore volume level for every user now.
Many bugs fixed.

Version (Oct 17, 2014 )
Introduced a new feature called Rapid Bitmap Mode, a lossy bitmap encoding that can provide nice graphics experience in local network.
You can find the option in User Configuration/Property menu.Fixed a bug that caused the CpDeploy crash.Improved compatibility on USB device redirection.

Version (Sep 06, 2014 )

A configurable option of communication port was added, making the product to fit the needs under solutions that have hardware firewall equipped.
Fixed a bug on domain environment which may cause login failure.
Fixed a bug that will cause uninstall fail after suite updated.

Version (Aug 08, 2014 )

Introduced a new feature called Broadcast Mode, which can let you streaming desktop content of Host PC to all client devices, that is, the live broadcasting.
(Currently, there is no sound in Broadcast Mode when your OS is Windows XP/2003)
Many bugs fixed.


Description: These documents provide detailed guides for your deployment of vCloudPoint system.

Instructions: You are strongly recommended to read through these documents on your first time of setting up the vCloudPoint system, even though you may be experienced in technology of this kind.

  • Data Sheet

  • Dec-22nd-2014